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COULDN’T RESIST HAHA. I’ll be back when finals end! wish me luck xx

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I know I shouldn’t overthink but now, every time someone I’m not close to is especially nice to me for no particular reason (when they don’t seem like a person who is nice to the general crowd), I feel a sense … Continue reading

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“And though this might bruise you, let it burn.” Listening to usher otw the way to school at this ungodly hour. Train broke down again and I’m gonna be late for 8.15 class 😦

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lately I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep

Last few weeks have been pretty crazy. Back to back meetings, 6 hour lessons, weekend classes and the list goes on. Thankful to have a close group of friends who keep me going in school! Honestly, I do enjoy school… … Continue reading

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So in love with this country! First proper blog post in quite a while… but I gotta finish up some work so I’ll be speedy. Hm, it was a really impromptu trip of sorts cos’ my internship friend sx asked … Continue reading

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HI world!

Haven’t done a proper post in pretty long and I doubt there’s anyone reading this space but here goes anyw! Basically, 4 more days to me leaving for Europe and I’m super nervous + excited. I keep having random bouts of … Continue reading

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So…. it’s 2014. Time flies but don’t we all know that. Another year has gone by just like that and I’m so excited for all the things that this coming new year will bring. More adventures, more love, more food, more … Continue reading

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