The Girl

A whimsical twenty-something who enjoys reading a variety of fiction and non-fiction, be it immersing herself in the world of Harry Potter for the 30-something time, or binge-reading articles on elite daily till the wee hours of the morning and then having to overdose on caffeine the day after to function like a normal human being.

Also loves to write and occasionally blogs to pen down her own thoughts and as a form of escape in the increasingly fast-paced Singaporean society.

Loves to travel, especially so for the food – be it dim sum in an overcrowded restaurant in Hong Kong, freshly caught sashimi in Japan, or seafood pasta in Florence.

Enjoys watching films which fall under a wide range of genres – be it romance (yes, even if it means being judged), action, fantasy and even family.

Lives for long conversations with her close friends over cheap but yummy take-away food, where friendly debates over life, love and other eccentricities often transpire.

A firm believer in the oldest clichés – that a positive mind and heart is key to being happy, that laughter is the best medicine, that happy girls are the prettiest, that what goes around comes around, and most importantly, that when life gives you lemons, the first thing to do is to grab some salt and tequila.

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