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stolen from lish’s tumblr :)

haha i think this is really true. Honesty is key in any relationship or friendship.

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dedicated to Bethany Hamilton, and all those who fought so hard for their dreams

tonight you’re letting go, under the burning glow, we’re too young to hold this on our own.

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Never let me go

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exams are officially overrrrrr! whew almost 4 months of playing are finally here and i can’t can’t wait. I realise I never really treasured my holidays till I went to university. I have no idea why, but I suddenly feel … Continue reading

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stefan and elena

haha love this vid! neither a stelena or delena shipper. i think both of them have their ups and downs but i think this MV really describes stefan and elena! haha love the depth of the characters in the show, … Continue reading

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when pain and love bleed into one

love the psalm at the front, fear is nothing with you.

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