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awesome quote – i gotta live by this

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sometimes i wonder how some people can be such hypocrites. i mean, i know everyone is a little hypocritical sometimes but some people are just TOO MUCH. I mean, if u detest it SO MUCH when people do certain things, please … Continue reading

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random thoughts

i don’t know why, but i suddenly feel a little terrified that uni is starting in 2 months. I’m really going to treasure all this free time i have and spend it well with my loved ones – my family and … Continue reading

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who am I?

not because of who i am, but because of what you’ve done. not because of what I’ve done, but because of who you are. (:

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no drama, just an awesome day out shopping and htht! love days like this. awesomeness ttm! ❤

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it sucks when you think you know someone, and all of a sudden they do something that totally disappoints you. sometimes i think it’s better not to expect anything of anyone, then you won’t get disappointed. but that’s life i guess, … Continue reading

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just a dream

i was thinking bout you, thinking bout me, thinking bout us, what we gonna be ❤ hmm, i’ve made my decision 🙂

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