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“Favourite” tag!

I’m tagging lish, ad, elaine, jo and whoever else is reading this! ❤ 1. Favourite drink? Milo 2. Favourite Candy? It’s a close fight between milk LINDOR truffles (red wrapping) and Reese’s peanut buttercups! 3. Favourite actress? Anne Hathaway 4. Favourite … Continue reading

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Life as I know it

Just ended work at 11! Typing this out on the mrt now haha. Have to do a presentation for my department Tmr so was finishing up my report. It’s amazing how friends and family can be such a constant source … Continue reading

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Hi World!

Haven’t blogged properly in quite a bit since exams ended so I thought I would pen down all the stuff that I’m up to/ will be up to this summer. 1. Internship! I must say I was feeling pretty nervous … Continue reading

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Met the girls today!

Had lunch with the girls at Antoniette today! Food was really good. And dessert as well. Happy girl is me. Hahahaha. I think I’m easily contented. Headed to city hall after that to meet Jinkett to plan the hk trip … Continue reading

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God gave me you for the ups and downs

Was in the shower just now and I just started to reflect on all the wonderful people God has given me, my family, my girlfriends namely. Here’s a shout out to all of you, even though most of you don’t … Continue reading

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Protected: happy 21st AD! (belated birthday post :D)

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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you’re never alone, we’re birds of a feather

For all ma girls! ❤ Yo, my best friend, best friend til the very end Cause best friends, best friends don’t have to pretend You need a hand, and i’m right there right beside you You in the dark, i’ll … Continue reading

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