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thank you

to the people who make me feel beautiful  

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We never learn

haha been listening to more chinese songs recently. they are really meaningful if you bother to listen to the lyrics. Here’s “xue bu hui” (Never learn) by JJ Lin. My favourite line of the song is near the end: “It’s … Continue reading

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this made me LOL! not bad move i must say hahahaha kidsssss

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so helpless, and yearning, i’m like putty in your hands

love this song, dedicated to Jesus, lover of my soul ((: thank you for always hearing my prayers! For calming me down in times of panic, for forgiving me when I doubt, and simply for always being there with your … Continue reading

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the alphabet

haha gonna do this thingy since im free. state the first word i think of every letter of the alphabet Apple Beautiful Cunning Deceitful Everything F___ Golden Happy Imagine Joke Karma Love Magic Nostalgia Optimist Perfect Quirky Relentless Sex Telephone … Continue reading

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sometimes i really think i’m the weirdest person on earth and if people knew the real me, they would freak out. hahaha, oh well.

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payphone – stelena

thought this song was very apt for their relationship during the time Stefan was under Klaus’ wing and kept thinking he was hopeless while Elena still loved him deeply and wanted him back on the “good” side despite the things … Continue reading

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