God gave me you for the ups and downs

Was in the shower just now and I just started to reflect on all the wonderful people God has given me, my family, my girlfriends namely. Here’s a shout out to all of you, even though most of you don’t know about this blog hahaha.

Mom: thanks for always giving me advice and being supportive of me and my decisions, whether in terms of studies or love. I’m proud to say that I have a steady head on my shoulders because of the way you brought me up. Although we might not agree on some things, I always value your input and thoughts on the topics and I respect you deeply for being such a strong person despite the many adversities you faced in your childhood. I know I is not easy being a stay-home mom, probably much harder than working – bringing up me and bro and having to instill values in us and such. Thank you for the sacrifices you have made. Love you.

Dad: thank you Dad, for always being a strong pillar of support for me as well. Though you come across as a little totalitarian sometimes (hahaha), I do know that you love and care for me and bro alot. I honestly think that you are the best dad anyone could ask for and I really appreciate all the times you bother to send me to school, from school, no matter how tired you are. I know you worry about me alot cos I’m still like a little girl in your eyes but don’t worry too much, we all make our own mistakes sometimes and I will definitely pull through no matter what. Sometimes I think I have such high expectations of men because you are so wonderfully caring and loving as a father. Thank you for always doing your best to provide for this family.

Alicia: one of my oldest friends as well! I knew you from choir in sec 1 and honestly (don’t think I’ve ever told you this) but I was quite scared to talk to you cos u seemed really unfriendly at first hahahaha. But I’m so glad we got to know each other better during sec 3 when we got to seat beside each other on class. Miss those times so much! We share similar tastes in books and music and I remember how fun it was talking about those things. Our love for English is also one of the cool similar things we share as well! I think you are one of the strongest, more mature, patient, and grounded person I know. Someone who’s always there, who never judges me, and who always listens, no matter how many times you’ve heard the story haha. I really admire your maturity and strength and patience and sometimes looking at you, I feel a little ashamed that I can never be as unselfish as you are. Thank you for being a part of my life and for always being there for me for the ups an downs and always being a good secret-keeper and someone trustworthy and someone I always can count on :’)

Ad: my shopping buddy/bimbo/clubbing buddy/telepathy babe! Hahaha. Really blessed to have crossed paths with you my dear girl. Thanks for always listening to my rants and being so understanding, even if its a really small issue and me overreacting, you always encourage me and continue to push me along. Our telepathy and similar way of thinking about most things are super cool! Know that I will always be here for you as well, just a text or ring away, call me beep me if you wanna reach me;) I know the past one year has been tough on you, but I’m really proud that you pulled through stronger and wiser. You are the ‘baby’ of the group and the one everyone worries about the most :p but you always try you’re best to take care of us as well, it’s really sweet how you’re like a little mom sometimes, protective of your friends haha. Thanks for treasuring this friendship as I do and I know our friendship will continue to grow in the many years to come 🙂

Yuan: chicken pop!!!! Hahah I love to call you that cute sounding nonsensical name. You’re one of my closest friends and although we think quite differently sometimes, I admire your straightforwardness and courage to pursue the things the you love, even when it may seem foreign and scary to enter those fields by yourself. You strike me as an independent, level-headed and optimistic girl and I really admire that about you. Sometimes, I wish I could get over things as fast as you do and be less emotional. You seem quite blur and sotong but the truth is that you’re really quite perceptive when it comes to people and you really do surprise me with your astute observations sometimes! Don’t forget me when you become a successful business woman huh! Hahahaha. Thanks for being someone I can talk to about my worries in uni and who gives good advice as well. I think you’re a really sensible girl and loyal friend and I am blessed to have gotten to know you better in jc!

Jo: best friend! So super glad I sat beside you in sec 3. You are an amazing girl and really mature as well. I love how we can just be comfortable in silence or I can act like a total retard in front of you and you’ll just be totally used to it and ignore me HAHA. Thanks for always being there for me even during periods you’re preoccupied with your own problems or busy with school as well. Thanks for always giving me heartfelt advice about issues when i’m being my usual indecisive self, be it in love or studies. I always appreciate it that you bother to help me think of solutions to my problems and most of the time, your solutions really work! Haha. I know you are really stressed up in school some times but know that I’m always here for you 🙂 even if I can’t do anything about he workload I’m always here if you need a listening ear. Your relationship with jk has honestly given me hope for a pure type of love, an honest type of love which is so rare in today’s society, and I feel really happy for you and hope that you and jk will end up happily married hehe. You’re like my second mom the way you fuss over me and ad some times :p thanks for all your care and concern!

Kj: my close friend since sec 1! Woohoo! Think it’s quite amazing how our friendship started when we were in sec 1. When I first knew you, I thought you were quite quiet and serious but fake one lor. HAHA. Act Yi ge only you hahah. Though there were definitely periods where we were not that close like in jc, I’m really happy to say that you’re also one of my closer friends and I really love hanging out with you cause you always make me laugh. I still remember one time in secondary school when we were both at macs with wk and Jo and you did this extremely hilarious facial expression that made me laugh till i couldn’t breathe And everyone in macs was staring at me thinking I’m crazy hahahha. I think you also have a level head on your shoulders and think both with your head and heart – smart girl! I’ll always be here for you for the ups and downs so stay strong babe! Can’t wait to hang out after your exams too ^^

Kimmie: the smartie pants! So proud of you that you were one of the top students in your faculty! I’m glad we got closer after secondary school even though we hardly talked in secondary school. Love how we both are mad about tvd AND not Damon fan girls (lolololol) bad boys are overrated muahahahaha. Love out similar tastes in music as well. Love your deadpan sense of humor as well hehe. Thanks for always being there to listen when I have my bouts of random questions about life and always being a ring away! Really glad that we manage to keep in touch despite both our clashing schedules and I find it really easy to talk to you. Hope that you aren’t too stressed out at work and taking care of your health as well, eating healthily and exercising too! Health is really important so do take good care of it! Can’t wait for our date w ad and Jo next senday:D

Huihui: you’re one of the closest friends I made in uni and I’m really happy to have known you and gotten closer to you this sem. Arts camp would have been so awkward without you hahha. Love our telepathy and the fact that we think so similarly! It’s really super hard to find someone with similar thinking as me at the university level and I think it’s super cool (although abit scary) how we always seem to go through the same things at the same time. Thanks for being a good listener and friend and for not judging the weirdly neurotic me hahah. It was great working with u this semester as well and hope that we’ll continue to keep in touch and stay close in the many years to come! Had a of fun shopping and bitching with you (winks) and looking forward to more outings during summer. All the best for internship and I know you’ll find a great guy who deserves you. Good things come to all who wait 😉

Gillian: the ultra blur girl! Haha. So glad we met in Fides. Thought you were some super atas girl the first time I met you and I was quite intimidated by you actually LOL. Another act yi ge one. Didn’t know you were so blur and friendly! Haha. Thanks for always being there for me especially this past one year that we got closer and for encouraging me during my stressed up and emotional periods. Thanks for making an effort to keep this friendship strong despite you having lesser time now that you’re attached. Really happy for to that you found someone who treats you right and whom you like as well and I hope both of you stay tgt till wedding bells ring ;)) can’t wait for our outing next week! Remember to always stay strong and focused even when the going gets tough, and be less distracted! Haha I’m forever nagging you :/ be less blur! (And yes you are a lot more blur than me stop denying it LOL)

Last but not least, thank you, all the other amazing people I have crossed paths with. All of you have left indelible marks on my life and I am who I am because of all of you. So, thank you :’)

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1 Response to God gave me you for the ups and downs

  1. lish says:

    Alamak. So GDLL haha. But thanks dear, really am very touched by your words ❤ :')

    Meet up soon please ❤

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