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Leave this blue neighbourhood
Never knew loving could hurt this good, oh
And it drives me wild

‘Cause when you look like that
I’ve never ever wanted to be so bad, oh
It drives me wild

You make my heart shake
Bend and break
But I can’t turn away
And it’s driving me wild
You’re driving me wild



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“And the weather was so damn sick of being predictable; I heard it began snowing in the Sahara and I wanted to tell you that I’ve changed.” – Lang Leav

Been reading poetry again quite a bit lately. Reading’s something that gives me relief amidst the busy hustle-bustle of working life.

Will be updating this space soon, it’s so dead I doubt anyone reads it besides me, but somehow writing out my thoughts is something that has always help me reflect on life and the different phases I’m going through.

Till then, lovers.

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‘Cause all of my kindness, is taken for weakness. 

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The lingering question kept me – 2 am, who do you love? 

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Daily mantra 

kind heart, fierce mind, brave spirit 

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New Beginnings

So… tomorrow marks a new chapter of my life. Pretty nervous… but I’m going to put my faith in God and say I’m excited instead. HAHA. Anyway, tried pilates for the first time today and it was so fun yet challenging! Aching all over now (in the best way possible haha) Off to get an early rest! One of the earliest I’ve had in months. It’s 9.43 now haha. Goodnight lovers! Till the weekends X


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“why storms are named after people”

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