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What is more powerful – a thought or a gun? A gun gives the opportunity But a thought pulls the trigger

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“Believe me you’re too young girl”

Discovered this gem on youtube! She’s so pretty too .___. up, up and away.

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light me up

“There are too many mediocre things in life. Love shouldn’t be one of them.” -Dreams of an insomaniac

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some bluesy guitar for the weekends X

Love is a Madness – No Sinner Love is a madness I can’t get away It hurts me to love you And it hurts me to stay This sweet sadness Is this all i get? For picking the dark horse … Continue reading

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super cute vid! and erm, super cute guy. HAHAHA I want that red velvet I want that sugar sweet Don’t let nobody touch it Unless that somebody’s me I gotta be a man There ain’t no other way ‘Cause girl … Continue reading

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On replay <3

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“When you can reflect on situations and take responsibility for some of your choices/actions rather than playing victim, shit gets real.”  Sometimes it amazes me how some people keep making the choices that hurt them even though they KNOW the … Continue reading

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