“Favourite” tag!

I’m tagging lish, ad, elaine, jo and whoever else is reading this! ❤

1. Favourite drink?


2. Favourite Candy?

It’s a close fight between milk LINDOR truffles (red wrapping) and Reese’s peanut buttercups!

3. Favourite actress?

Anne Hathaway

4. Favourite actor?

don’t really have a favourite! But if I had to choose… probably Johnny Depp or Colin Firth! 5. Favourite fictional character?

Hermione Granger

6. Favourite book?

Harry Potter series!

7. Favourite film?

A walk to remember

8. Favourite alcoholic beverage?

hmm.. white Russian! (for now)

9. Favourite poet?

Dorothy Parker

10. Favourite eye colour?


11. Favourite lip colour?

Hmm au natural with clear balm!

12. Favourite physical feature of the opposite sex?

height, a nice smile and dimples!

13. Favourite quality in people?

QualitieS can? Humour, open-mindedness and a balance of honesty and tact

14. Favourite hobby?

If I had to choose one – reading.

15. Favourite food?

I love food! My weaknesses – dimsum, chocolate, waffles (esp with PB and jelly) and anything spicy!

16. Favourite spread?


17. Favourite quote?

“Happiness is a choice.”

18. Favourite genre of movie?

ACTION. Esp those that involve spies (like kingsman) or superhuman abilities (like x-men). Or um, fast cars (like fast and furious!!!) Heh I’m such a dork.

lazy to continue so I’ll stop here, nights lovers! x

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