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one more day

jiayou ad! you can do it! 😀 here’s a cute guy to motivate you! hehe adam gregory ❤

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this feeling of unexplainable sadness

i don’t know why but sometimes i get this wave of unexplainable sadness. It fills me up so suddenly and i feel just empty and broken. The worse part is i don’t know why.

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exciting events soon! yippee!

had a fun day studying with bestie ystd! both of us are really mad HAHA! but it’s really funny. (F.I.R.E for boys are I.R.E for girls!) hahah inside joke 😉 nice spicy meal at ajisen too! (for once bestie ate … Continue reading

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one more paper to go next week! ^^ anyw studying whole day w ad bestie tmr yippie yay! till then! X

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life and lessons

i think life is so unpredictable. Anything can happen. You could have everything one day and nothing the next. I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but really, it is. I didn’t use to believe in fate, but now i do. … Continue reading

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i think i screwed up the paper but oh wells it’s OVER and tt’s what matters. 2 more to go, i can do this!!!! 😀

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I think this is really true

Blog Post by sg blogger Holly Jean   It doesn’t happen over night, it kind of slowly creeps up on you… the more familiar and secure you feel around your partner, the more you tend to take them for … Continue reading

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