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it’s gonna be 7 am

i woke up at 6.30 am and couldnt sleep. I guess i’m just too excited about tmr, haha! Will go back to sleep soon though (after this). Hmm shall atttempt to pen down my thoughts but pardon me if I … Continue reading

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5 types of pple i absolutely cannot stand

1. People who are RUDE. 2. People who cannot admit that they are in the wrong, when they obviously are. 3. People who do things to others that they dislike other people to do to them. very often. 4. People … Continue reading

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Darlin You’re hiding in the closet once again Start smilin I know you’re tryin Real hard not to turn your head away Pretty darlin Face tomorrow, tomorrow’s not yesterday Yesterday Oh, oh Pretty please I know it’s a drag Wipe … Continue reading

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“no more than friends, no less than lovers.”

sometimes i think life would be so much more simple if everyone were just platonic friends, with no romantic ties, no attraction whatsoever. But then again, life wouldn’t be as interesting as it is, right?

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moments like this

Waking up on winnie the pooh bedsheets, looking around my warzone-messy room and cracked homey wooden floors, and I realise how blessed I am. Thank you, Father. (:

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one kiss don’t a summer,

Don’t go thinking you’re cool, don’t you, don’t you. Don’t go thinking we’re, don’t you, don’t you. You need a flame before you fizzle out. So it don’t matter much anyhow, anymore. ‘Cause sugar, One kiss don’t make a summer, … Continue reading

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Definition of ENCHANTED: utterly delighted or captivated; fascinated; charmed ❤

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