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“Favourite” tag!

I’m tagging lish, ad, elaine, jo and whoever else is reading this! ❤ 1. Favourite drink? Milo 2. Favourite Candy? It’s a close fight between milk LINDOR truffles (red wrapping) and Reese’s peanut buttercups! 3. Favourite actress? Anne Hathaway 4. Favourite … Continue reading

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Style Icon Post: Taylor Swift

Decided to do a style Icon post on my current favourite style star…….. TAYLOR SWIFT! Hahahah love her classy style and the fact that she looks hot despite not revealing too much skin. Here are some of my favourite looks … Continue reading

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Jana Kramer!

One of the more underrated country singers with a really good voice! This song is pretty “crazy ex” if you ask me but I LOVE HER WEDDING DRESS AND THE WHOLE CONVERSE-SHOES-FOR-A-WEDDING THING :O

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super cute vid! and erm, super cute guy. HAHAHA I want that red velvet I want that sugar sweet Don’t let nobody touch it Unless that somebody’s me I gotta be a man There ain’t no other way ‘Cause girl … Continue reading

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super old but it’s been stuck in my head the whole day! I’M GONNA POP SOME TAGS / ONLY GOT TWENTY BUCKS IN MY POCKET

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lately I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep

Last few weeks have been pretty crazy. Back to back meetings, 6 hour lessons, weekend classes and the list goes on. Thankful to have a close group of friends who keep me going in school! Honestly, I do enjoy school… … Continue reading

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20 random facts about me :D

feeling bored (and fine, narcissistic :p) so here’s 20 random facts about me! 1) My favourite colour is black. I wear it on days I’ve no idea what to wear. Hahaha. Also, people are less likely to notice I’m wearing … Continue reading

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