So in love with this country!

First proper blog post in quite a while… but I gotta finish up some work so I’ll be speedy. Hm, it was a really impromptu trip of sorts cos’ my internship friend sx asked me if I wanted to go along for the Amsterdam trip and I asked Brig along! Overall there were 7 of us – Bobby, Gabe, John, SX, Janelle, Brig and I. Was a little apprehensive that it would be awkward ’cause I didn’t know them beforehand but everyone was super friendly and nice and the trip turned out really fun! ^^

I would say Amsterdam is much more artsy than I expected, with many art galleries (mostly free entry) along the road.. while the more famous ones like the van gogh and sex museum (lol ;P) having an entry fee. First time I drank and played drinking games in a longgggggg time, and I must say I really miss partying and letting loose haha. First time I travelled alone too! Must say it was quite an experience although it was just from Bern to Geneva. *Inserts independent look* HAHAH. Met Brig at Geneva and we took our flight to Amsterdam tgt!  The apartment was really nice, with pretty furniture and well-stocked food. The owner even gave us a complimentary bottle of champagne!

Basically, to sum up my four days  there – fun, food, new experiences and new friends! Shan’t elaborate too much cause it’s Amsterdam after all 😉 NO I’M KIDDING OKAY HAHA. Till next time, peeps! Time to get some work done 😦

Love, Chris. ❤

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