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Oh sometimes love’s intoxicating, oh you’re coming down your hands are shaking

Had an amazingly good time at The Script’s concert yesterday. Danny’s one of those singers who sounds exactly the same live as he does on his tracks. I think one of the reason why The Script has so many fans … Continue reading

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For better or worse, I got you.

One of my favourite SYTYCD dances! Love the song as well. And this couple has SO much chemistry ❤

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Hold back the river, let me look in your eyes

Won’t you let us wander?

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“Just when you think you’ve got me figured out, the season’s already changing.”  Thoughts. 

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“Every road you take will always lead you home”

Death. Something that’s been on my mind a lot lately. Makes me realise how fragile life is and reminds me to prioritise what’s really important, and to not take the people who love us for granted because life is so … Continue reading

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