Been finding solace in writing down my thoughts. I find it really therapeutic to be able to pen down my daily musings and such.

A day spent with the books! Finally a productive day. Studying my favourite subject of the semester – company law. It’s funny how when you’re studying something you enjoy, it’s never that torturous. Ended the day with a beautifully written piece called red on wattpad. Some phrases which caught my eye and heart:

“The secret is to enjoy everything, even the most ordinary moments. Neither the greatest joys nor the greatest sorrows last, so it’s no use getting attached to them. All things pass – what remains is ourself. So balance and motivation should come within us. Life is constantly oscillating and we oscillate with it. Like puppets. A string of an event lifts us up and we are merry, then another string pulls is down and we fall into depression. We have no control over our lives. The only thing we can control is ourself.”

Something to ponder over. Sweet dreams everyone!

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