20 random facts about me :D

feeling bored (and fine, narcissistic :p) so here’s 20 random facts about me!

1) My favourite colour is black. I wear it on days I’ve no idea what to wear. Hahaha. Also, people are less likely to notice I’m wearing the same outfit HAHA. #woesofavainbutlazygirl

2) I love chocolate, but I don’t really like chocolate-flavoured things (like cake, ice-cream etc) weird right? My fave ice-cream is Haagen Diaz’s Caramel Biscuit and Cream. ❤ Love the caramel biscuit bits in it!

3) I love fruits! fruits all day errr day (Except Papaya. Hate. IT. WITH. A. VENGEANCE.)

4) I have virgin hair. (Not dyed, permed, or straightened before)

5) I’m a major worrier, I worry constantly about really lame stuff. But I don’t think most people know I’m like that (except my closer friends haha). That being said, once something bad happens, I get over it pretty fast? I guess I just don’t like to dwell on the past/ past mistakes.

6) I’m a foodieee but I can’t eat much. (meaning I love places which serve small portions of food so I can try a larger variety of food!)

7) I have this phobia of cutting my hair. (It’s a lot better now because my past few haircuts have been decent, but it started when my parents forced me to chop off my long hair till ear length when I was in Primary 3)

8) I love traditional desserts like cheng teng, orh nee, dao suan, tang yuan, the list goes on!And dimsum. Did I mention dimsum?!

9) I hate wearing makeup (besides lips) but I do use concealer to cover my zits on a bad day!

10) I have a gazillion lip products and different types of perfume. All depends on my mood. LOVE fruity lip balms ’cause.. they’re yummy hehe. For perfumes I prefer a light, fresh/fruity scent to really heavy or floral scents.

11) I listen to all genres of music! from pop to country to folk to rock to metal. One of my all-time favourite bands is The Script. Fave male singer is Adam Levine (Yes I know he’s hot but I actually like his voice :p) and fave female singer Taylor Swift (ok, sue me!)

12) I really listen to the lyrics of every song I like. And dissect it LOL. Sometimes I even google the artiste’s inspiration behind her/his song.

13) I find tall and broad-shouldered guys super attractive. Tall > Handsome anyday

14) That being said, guys who are genuinely gentlemanly are the most attractive. Sounds cliché but character really is the most important thing, as well as being on the same wavelength when it comes to issues that really matter.

15) I’m really, really ticklish. When I went for a massage in Thailand, I kept giggling when my stomach area was being massaged. The masseur was so amused with my reaction LOL

16) I almost took journalism instead of accounting for my tertiary studies. Sometimes I still wonder how it would have gone.

17) I LOVE SPICY FOOD. Like I can eat chilli padi with every meal hahaha.

18) I love spending time alone. If I don’t get alone time at least once-twice a week I feel incredibly drained.

19) I love the Harry Potter books. I can safely say they are the most well-written books I’ve read in my entire life so far. My favourite character is Hermione haha. Second favourite is Dumbledore, followed by Harry.

20) I love thrills and I get bored super easily which can be quite a bad thing? hahaah. But sometimes before doing something thrilling I’ll suddenly be scared shitless and regret my choice but still do it anyway cos YOLO. #yesijustusedyolo

ok, so I’m gonna tag (if they read this) Lish, Jo, Ad, WK!

Have fun girls!

off to mug for my CFM paper. Nights all! x

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