honestly, i may be a lot of bad things, but i don’t think i’m insensitive at all. I think before I say, and i don’t say hurtful things unnecessarily and I don’t say things to people which i wouldn’t like to be said to myself. Meaning, I really find it annoying when people are over sensitive all the time. I mean, seriously, some things are just meant to be taken as a joke -.-

On a lighter note, tvd starts tonight! and this new show called the secret circle which is also by LJ Smith I think.

ok i’m off, nights pple! ❤

ps. i really can’t stand it when pple blackface me for no reason and i will IGNORE u okay. if it’s not my bloody damn fault you’re in a bad mood why should i be nice to u when u are being damn rude. ok #randombutyeah kthxbai

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One Response to stuff

  1. lish says:

    chill dear! D:
    anything can tell me about it k!
    chill ❤

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