So heres my obsession

Been feeling kinda irritated lately cos i keep having trouble sleeping. During exams i’ll get imsomnia sometimes until like 3 am when i try sleeping at 12 plus then i’ll still end up feeling like a zombie the next day :/  zzzzz. hopefully my body clock will re-wire itself soon. 

And, I got my shoes repaired already yay! (: 

love the cobbler auntie at simei she’s super nice haha. oh and random: can’t wait for tmrw’s  episode of vampire diaries! they stopped showing it in US for 3 weeks cause of thanksgiving break or smthing. Freak man i’m officially becoming a fangirl -.-

Nina Dobrev as the scheming Katherine Pierce/Katerina Petrova:

zomg pretty! think im in love with her lol! T.T

And… as the sweet Elena Gilbert below

The show’s anti-hero Damon Salvatore

The Salvatore brothers Stefan and Damon when they were still human. Haha damon looks a lil weird here imo.

Caroline as a vamp in season 2!

Bonnie the witch! haha i love her when she owns damon ^^

and… Jeremy,  elena’s lil bro who’s growing up this season!

Off to pack my room! It looks as tho a tornado has swept it post A levels. :X


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