After A’s

Hmm A’s have just been over for a day now but i don’t really feel as estatic as i thought i would. =/ i guess it’s just human nature to always want what u can’t have.

Wow I really can’t believe i managed to survive these 2 years of gruelling studying man! I don’t think i’ve studied so much in my entire life. Dunno what it’ll be like for the the future generations when the syllabus is expanded. haha.

anyways, went out shopping with ad for awhile today to find her prom dress and also to fix my heels at the cobbler beside east point today but wth the heel cracked even more cos the cobbler said too long nvr wear =(.

She asked me to leave it there in case her husband can fix.. hopefully can man if not i’ll have to buy a new pair of heels which will cost $$$$$$$ again! Totally broker than broke already 😦

On a brighter note, will be gg out w the E1 girls this friday! yay! haha havent hung out w them for superrrrrrr long esp jo and wk.
ok, gotta go to write some resume thingie for my job next year:/ till next time, xx ciao!

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